Corporate Social Investment

Murray & Roberts Construction a wholly-owned subsidiary of leading construction and engineering Group, Murray & Roberts, espouses the principles of partnership with and integration within the communities wherein it operates. In accordance with Murray & Roberts’ own corporate social involvement (CSI) programme, it focuses on development and up­liftment projects aligned to its business strategy, with a strong focus on education.

The CSI budget is calculated annually on the basis of company performance. Progress concerning the CSI programme is reported and disclosed to appropriate stakeholders in terms of relevant regulations and good practice.

Murray & Roberts has developed a comprehensive CSI handbook for employees, detailing the objectives of CSI, explaining the strategy and describing the focus areas of its CSI programme. Employees are thus ena­bled to become involved as CSI champions in projects of interest to them. CSI committee members, HR departments and line managers within the Group use the handbook to communicate Murray & Roberts’ investment in socio-economic development.

Both the head office and each of the seven divisions within Murray & Roberts Construction have adopted projects in com­munities where they are active. Divisions complete contracts throughout South Africa, leaving behind them a lasting legacy for the communities in the area. These concentrate on education, healthcare and skills development.

Strong partnerships lie at the foundation of the CSI programme, fostering open relationships of trust and cooperation which promote optimal use of all resources.