Health & Safety

Murray & Roberts seeks to create a mindset and an environment where people believe it is possible to work injury free, regardless of where they are in the world, what role they undertake, or in which operation they work.

Zero harm is an aspiration that drives our strategy and response to health, safety and environmental (HSE) challenges. Strong leadership and continuous motivation and education of our employees to take responsibility for themselves, their colleagues and the environment are key elements of our HSE strategy. Through this we strive to embed HSE values and a safety culture built on the principle of Stop.Think.Act.24/7

We believe that management is ultimately responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace. However, this cannot be achieved without the participation of highly motivated employees and other stakeholders. As a result, appropriate strategies, structures and resources are continuously implemented to make this partnership possible.

The majority of our operations have installed extensive societal health programmes, including substance abuse programme, voluntary HIV/AIDS counselling and testing and others. The Group's risk-based HIV/AIDS policy promotes voluntary testing, non-discrimination and awareness about preventing the spread of the disease and mitigating its effects.


Build Safe South Africa

Murray & Roberts Construction is proud to be a founding member of BuildSafe South Africa, a non-profit organisation aimed at improving health, safety and welfare conditions of all construction industry stakeholders through the free exchange and sharing information between organisations in South Africa. Build Safe